My unique specialist knowledge is the key…

The reason for my success was the realisation that knowledge helps you select winning horses more often, but to benefit substantially you need to know more than most other backers do. To have this level of knowledge, even without a ‘day job’, I have to specialise, and so I now specialise in flat handicap races only.

Perhaps more importantly, I discovered that if the techniques and knowledge I use are my own personal property, then I can select the winning horse at a value price because I see things in a different way from the majority of the betting public.

This is essential to making profits in the long term.

Like many others, I take into account all the usual factors like pace and the draw. But what makes me different is that I produce my own handicap ratings. And I use them in my own unique way.

I analyse each horse and each race individually.

Above all I invest the time and energy required from anyone who is serious about achieving a significant edge. When push comes to shove, it’s solid hard graft that keeps me nicely in front.

Actually, the hard graft isn’t unique, as I believe that anyone who makes a profit from any activity whatsoever must put a lot of effort into it to acquire the necessary expertise.