And it was in one of these books that I enjoyed a Eureka moment.
It was like a huge door had opened and the room was full of light, and renewed hope.

I had read about a Californian psychologist called Dr. Howard Sartin who treated compulsive gamblers.  Sartin realised that they didn’t have a problem with gambling. Rather, they had a problem with losing.

His treatment? Simple.

Sartin instructed his patients to back more than one horse in a race. By doing this, they would increase their strike rate, and thereby lose less often.

Now I can’t say for sure if these people were cured of their addiction in the long term. But I’m sure they had a lot more fun and didn’t lose nearly as often, or as much, as they had been doing before their sessions with Dr Sartin.

In a nutshell, the light that came on in my head was that if this simple idea could improve the prospects of problem gamblers who were leaking serious amounts of cash, then it should really help someone with a fair amount of knowledge, like me, who just needed a bit of metaphorical ‘damp proofing’.

It was only later on that I discovered Dr. Sartin was one of the legendary pioneers of American pace handicapping who educated and worked with many of the most influential American “handicappers”.

This only strengthened my belief that maybe I was finally onto something.