Introducing the ‘Dutch Way’ to backing winners for fun...

So I tried a simple approach to “dutching”, as it’s known. (Dutching is simply the practice of backing more than one horse in a race).

If I fancied an outsider, I’d look for a shorter priced horse to put in with it as a safety net.  If I fancied one of the favourites, I’d look for a possible outsider to go with it.

Simple logic usually makes the most sense, and my logic here was certainly simple.

Favourites provide regular winners (three from every ten races are won by the favourite), and are good for self -confidence and cash flow. Conversely, outsiders provide extra fun and satisfaction and ramp up profits.

As I applied my new strategy, I started to really enjoy my betting again and it was “dutching” that had provided the inspirational spark.

Fun was definitely back to stay… but the winning formula

Success  = Fun + Profit

still mostly eluded me.

I was really enjoying my betting again, but ultimately I was still only a break-even punter.  Simple logic may have made more sense but it wasn’t yet capable of making me significantly more money.

I resolved that dutching was the correct approach and that the solution lay in the horses I was backing.  I needed to improve my selection method.

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